Constitution and Bylaws

Proposed changes to be voted on at the House of Delegates meeting at the Annual Convention June 16.  Crossed out to be removed and underlined is added and new language. Link to current full constitution is below.


Article II


SECTION 3. OFFICERS.  The officers of the House of Delegates shall be a Speaker and a Speaker-Elect. The Speaker-Elect shall be elected to serve one-year as Speaker-Elect followed by one year as Speaker of the House of Delegates. They shall serve until their successors are duly elected and installed. The officers election at the House of Delegates meeting held in conjunction with the Annual convention. Shall be elected during the general election by voting of authorized Delegates . Only currently elected Active Members of the House of Delegates, who have already served at least one-year, are eligible to be officers of the House of Delegates




SECTION 3. NOMINATION. The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of candidates to be presented to the membership, at the House of Delegates, prior to March 1 of each year. Candidates may also be slated by nomination from the floor of the House of Delegates, with the approval of the House, or through nomination by mail, accompanied by the signatures of no less than fifteen active members in good standing, prior to March 1 of each year. Region Directors and Delegates must have signatures from members in their region. Only candidates who meet the requirements for holding office shall be placed on the ballot. Candidates may only run for one elected position per ballot. 


SECTION 4. VALIDATION AND COUNTING OF BALLOTS.  The Chief Executive Officer shall certify these ballots to be true and valid. The Chief Executive Officer shall then turn these ballots over to a firm (accounting or secretarial) to be opened, counted, and tallied. Candidates receiving the highest number of votes for the respective Officer and/or Director positions subject to election (Regional Director or At-Large Director) shall be deemed elected to the Board. The results shall be sealed in an envelope and returned to the Chief Executive Officer. 


SECTION 5. ANNOUNCEMENT OF BALLOT RESULTS.  The Chief Executive Officer shall open the envelope and announce the results of the election at the House of Delegates meeting at the annual convention. shall announce results of the election to the President/Chairman of the Board within one week of receiving the certified results.  The President will notify all candidates of the election results within one week of receipt.  The membership will be notified of the results prior to annual convention.

Constitution of SCPhA 

The mission of the Association shall be to serve its members, enabling them to advance the practice and science of pharmacy.

To accomplish its mission, the objectives of this Association shall be: 
A. To promote, elevate and expand the practice of the individual pharmacist; 
B. To provide leadership for the profession in legislative and regulatory matters and health policy issues; 
C. To provide leadership for the profession in the areas of specializing and credentialing in pharmacy practice; 
D. To promote the American Pharmacists Association Code of Professional Ethics to ensure the public of high standards of conduct in professional practice; 
E. To promote and assist in effective application of science and scientific information and principles in the practice of pharmacy; 
F. To encourage development of progressive payment methodologies for the full range of pharmacy services; 
G. To promote the safe, effective and rational use of medications, therapeutic agents and medical devices for the prevention of illness, treatment of a medical condition or maintenance of health; 
H. To provide information, programs and support systems to assist pharmacists in their ongoing career development, leadership development and professional growth.

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Policy and Position Statements

SCPhA has taken a position on many issues. This includes our official decision to support, encourage or oppose specific issues.

Download the full list of SCPhA's Policy and Position Statements