Sponsored by the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations
Nominees must be a pharmacist licensed in South Carolina that has not previously received the award. They must not be currently serving or have served in the past two years as an officer of SCPhA. Nominee will have an outstanding record of community service that reflects well on the profession of pharmacy. This person should be well known throughout the state for their contributions to the profession through volunteerism within pharmacy, involvement in SCPhA activities and encouragement of professional development of young pharmacists. Nominees must have been a member of SCPhA for the past ten years. This award is not presented posthumously.

2021 J. Tommy Johnson
2020 R. Tenny Moss
Wayne Buff
Terry Blackmon
Dan Bushardt
Sharm Steadman
Gene Reeder
Linda Reid
2012 Julian Reynolds
2011 Walter Hughes
2010 Lynn Connelly
2009 J. Michael Ross
2008 Pamela Whitmire
2007 Herbert Hames
2006 Ralph M. Wilkie
2005 Ronnie W. Cromer
2004 P. Stephens McElmurray
2003 C. Wayne Weart
2002 J. Robert Bradham
2001 Carol V. Bateman
2000 Arnold W. Karig
1999 John W. Rogers, II
1998 James Ham
1997 Hammie Joe Smith
1996 Julian Fincher, Ph.D.
1995 Dr. William H. Golod
1994 John F. Roche, Sr.
1993 Charles D. Wall
1992 Thomas R. Rivers
1991 Lawrence C. Strom*
1990 S. B. Norwood, Jr.
1989 E. Eldon Armstrong
1988 Julian Boland
1987 Thomas C. Lynch, Jr.
1986 Edward Allen Capers, Sr.
1985 John F. Hughes
1984 George W. Parks, Jr.
1983 Davis C. Hook
1982 Martin W. Cooner
1981 Robert S. Perry
1980 Jack P. Padgett, Jr.
1979 J. Duncan Williams
1978 Kenneth R. Couch
1977 James R. Mitchell
1976 Dennis M. Jones*
1975 James W. McCallum
1974 E. Jerome Collier
1973 James B. Smith
1972 Stokes B. Alexander
1967 Doug Chavous
1965 James M. Plaxco, Sr.