Sponsored by Pharmacist’s Mutual
Nominees must have been a member of SCPhA for the past 3 years (membership during college will be accepted) and must demonstrate passion for providing pharmacy care for their patients and their community as well as a commitment to the profession through participation in SCPhA, state, and national organizations. They must have practiced pharmacy for less than 9 years and be licensed in South Carolina.

2021 John David Scheper, Jr
2020 Taylor Meyers
2019 Maggie Blauert
2018 Erin Blackmon-Stelling
Will Brumfield
Marissa Beck
Jarrod Tippins
Jeff Brittain
Bryan Amick
2012 Kayce Shealy
2011 Kristy Brittain
2010 Patti Powell Fabel
2009 Marla Westbury
2008 John W. Pugh
2007 Eric Terrell
2006 Dawn Perry
2005 Candace Frick
2004 Deborah Bowers
2003 Jennifer Baker
2002 Marc LaPointe
2001 Rosemary Brezden
2000 Caroline F. Sullivan
1999 Matthew C. Guerriero
1998 Joanie Richardson
1997 Terry Lewis
1996 Joe Blizzard
1995 Claudia Rathle
1994 James Witte Bull, Jr.
1993 Whitney Lela Rosch
1992 Kelly W. Jones
1991 Susan L. Steedman
1990 E. Dawn Baxley
1989 Florence R. Khouri
1988 D. Brian Walker
1987 Stan McCallum