Sponsored by the South Carolina Pharmacy Association
Nominees must have been a member of SCPhA for the past 3 years and must demonstrate involvement in all aspects of state and national governmental/legislative affairs as well as community service organizations. They must not have been a SCPhA officer in the past 2 years and must be known throughout the membership as someone influential that works to guide the profession of pharmacy to become a stronger profession. Nominees must be licensed in South Carolina.

2021 Donna Avant
2020 William Wynn
2019 Patti Fabel
2018 Kelly Jones
Jessica Puckett-Beasley
Robert Spires
Terry Blackmon
Walter Hughes
L. Mel Rauton
2012 Lynn Connelly
2011 Clelia Sanders
2010 Linda Reid
2009 J. Dan Bushardt
2008 Wilbur Harling
2007 Sharm Steadman
2006 Davis C. Hook
2005 Lee Ann Bundrick
2004 Debbie Tapley
2003 Roy Flynn
2002 Don Neuroth
2001 J. Michael Ross
2000 Peter F. Edwards
1999 Kenneth R. Couch
1998 Leon O. George
1997 Dock Henry Rose
1996 Pamela Whitmire
1995 Keith Cole
1994 J. Robert Bradham
1993 T. Edward Childress, III
1992 Robert T. Moss, Jr.
1991 James L. Sain
1990 Frank J. Brunson
1989 L. David Brown
1988 Ralph M. Wilkie
1987 James M. Greene
1986 J. William Rogers, II
1985 Catherine R. Saleeby
1984 Tony M. Walker
1983 W. Carroll Watkins
1982 Robert E. Davis
1981 None
1980 Mary Louise Brown
1979 None
1978 E. Eldon Armstrong
1977 George S. Inman
1976 Carol V. Bateman
1975 Larry D. Milne
1974 Bob Brandt
1973 Howard Sudit
1972 Paul Stoddard