Provider Information 

Below is information that providers will find useful.

Tools for Safe Prescribing: 

Click here to view SC Prescription Toolkit

Allied Against Opioid Abuse Pharmacy Toolkit

Drugs of Misuse by Manufacturer

Epworth Sleepiness Scale Form

Project ECHO Chronic Pain Tele-Education

Patient Health (PHQ-9)

Current Opioid Misuse Measure

Treatment Facilities for Opioids

Opioid Risk Tool (ORT)

Pain Assessment Scales

PEG: A Three-Item Scale Assessing Pain Intensity and Interference

FDA Drug Safety Communication

South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners Pain Management Guidelines

 Prescription Drug Permanent Drop Box Map- Courtesy of The Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina 

CPR Training Opportunities 

What Should I Say Now? Scripts for Integrated Care Conversations

CDC Guideline Resources

 Managing Patients with Chronic Pain 

Narcan/Naloxone Information:

Naloxone Saves SC

Comprehensive Overview on Naloxone


Comparison of all products and prescription/dispensing instructions 

Highlights of prescribing information for Narcan nasal spray

Naloxone CE Training Program for Pharmacists

   "Chasing the Dragon"- Opioid Abuse Video

SC Protocol Pharmacies


SCRIPTS – Prescription Monitoring Program Resources

Prescription Monitoring Software Overview


Supporting Organizations:

Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services 

Department of Health & Environmental Control 

South Carolina Pharmacy Association 


Supporting Schools:

Medical University of South Carolina 

Presbyterian College 



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