SCPhA Accomplishments


  • From 2013-2018, SCPhA has conducted: 2 - Cardiovascular; 4 - Diabetes; 14 - Immunization; 8 - MTM: 2 – Community Pharmacy-based Point of Care  and 1- Travel Health certificate programs.
  • In 2014, SCPhA was granted a four (4) year Hypertension grant through DHEC/CDC and is now collaborating with DHEC for a new, five (5) year statewide grant that will cover Hypertension, Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia.
  • In 2014, the state employee Rx program took on a new PBM called Catamaran. From the very start, there was a problem. SCPhA, working with member owners in the filed quickly collected data, met with PEBA Board and corrected the reimbursement problem which was found to be Catamaran’s dropping the minimum co-pay of $9.00. Several months later, MAC pricing dropped significantly. Senate hearings were held and SCPhA members came by the hundreds to support community pharmacies in South Carolina.
  • In 2015, SCPhA pushed for and got a significant expansion of a pharmacist’s authority to administer vaccines without a prescription and got the age lowered to 12 for flu vaccines. All vaccine administrations are authorized under a statewide protocol except travel vaccines.
  • In 2016, SCPhA pushed for and got legislation passed that provided certain rights for community pharmacies in disputing MAC prices and appealing.
  • Also, in 2016-18, SCPhA Foundation was awarded a $500,000, two-year grant for a Medication Safety Matters program that focused on prescriber education as it relates to patient care for those with chronic pain and patient education in the proper storage and disposal of medications with an emphasis on the dangers opioids. SCPhA worked with other stakeholders in getting prescribers of controlled substances registered and using the state’s PDMP program. This was a very successful program that recently ended in 2018.
  • In 2018, SCPhA working with other stakeholders, moved PEBA (state employee Rx program) to amend their PBM contract to allow pharmacies to contact them directly if there were any pharmacy issues. This occurred after SCPhA assisted 18 independent pharmacies who were placed into the wrong MAC list for the PEBA program.
  • In 2018, SCPhA and unnamed members fought to get and keep a budget resolution in the 2018-19 SC state budget, language that would require PBM transparency in the Medicaid Managed Care program. Prior to seeking codification of Medicaid actions legislatively, SCPhA was working with Medicaid officials in seeking transparency in the bidding process for MMCO contracts.