Tech Connection

Date March 10, 2018 

7:30 am-8 am: Check In
8 am : CE


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Speaker: Ann Barnes, PharmD.


8am to 9am- How to gather the most important information in a patient interview
Activity Type: Knowledge
Credit Hours: 1.0
●     Differentiate situations where pharmacy technicians might be interviewing patients
●     Identify the most important information that pharmacy technicians need to gather in an interview
●     Evaluate skills pharmacy technicians need to effectively interview patients
●     Practice interview skills
9:05am-10:05am-- New Drug Update
Activity Type: Knowledge
Credit Hours: 1.0
●     Classify each new drug discussed
●     Identify each new drug’s indication and mechanism of action
●     Compare each new drug to other drugs already on the market for the same indications
10:05am-10:20am -Break
10:20am-11:20am -The Effect of Advertising and its Impact on Public Perception of a New Medication
Activity Type: Knowledge
Credit Hours: 1.0
 ●     Defend the position that advertising of new drugs is good for the medical community
●     Identify the different types of advertising for each new drug discussed
●     Describe why advertising may not be appropriate for new drugs
11:25am-12:25pm-  The status of Narcan in South Carolina
Activity Type: Knowledge
Credit Hours: 1.0 
●     Summarize Narcan mechanism of action
●     Define appropriate uses of Narcan
●     Explain the current law for Narcan use in South Carolina
●     Summarize Narcan availability in an easy to read chart for personal use