Useful Websites

Updated Pharmacy Technician Duties Policy and Procedure #140
Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) Toolkit (Addiction Services)- Connecting those that struggle with drug or alcohol addiction to the treatment services and resources they need, free of charge

ICD-10 website and guidelines
Drug Supply Chain Security Act
340B Registration Database (Modify your results by narrowing the search fields as needed- you don't need a 340B ID in order to use this tool)
2016 Part C & D Star Ratings Measures
Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS)
PQC+ Program login for APMS
NCCMERP Adverse Event Algorithm Fact Sheet 
DME Competitive Bidding Program
FDA Video Resources

Federal Agencies
CDC Opioid Guidelines 
Health-Related Organizations
Medication Error Websites
National Associations
NPI (National Provider Information) Look Up
Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
SC Health Alert Network
SC Recovering Professional Program
Schools of Pharmacy
State Associations
Pharmacy Technician Programs & Schools in South Carolina and the United States
(broken down by state)
DSCSA Website and Overview
2016 Part C & D Star Ratings Measures
Guard Your Medicare Number 
American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE)
Drug Topics
Palmetto Poison Center
Pharmacists Mutual Companies
Poison Control Hotline
U.S. Pharmacist
QS/1 Podcast- The Innovation of Technology in the Pharmacy Environment
USP Standards on Drug Storage at Certain Temps 
Medicare Medicaid Plan Beneficiary Choice Letter
- Important CMS Duel-Eligible Information
National Council for Aging Care- A Guide to the Seasonal Flu for Seniors